Uber is working on self-driving scooters, bikes

Uber is already testing some self-driving cars in the US, and now, a new report has indicated that it is also planning to develop bikes and scooters of the same kind. It has even started hiring for the new program under a division called ‘Micromobility Robotics’.

Uber pitched its plan to hire for ‘Micromobility Robotics’at a robotics event last weekend. The company didn’t reveal exact details of the project, but 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson confirmed that the division would be part of Uber’s JUMP group, which operates shared electric bikes and scooters.


As such, the company will leverage advanced technologies to make its electric bikes and scooters autonomous.

With the element of autonomy, JUMP could drastically reduce the operational cost of its bike and scooter sharing business.

As of now, riders leave their bikes/scooters at the destination, where JUMP-hired contractors go and pick-up the vehicle for charging and repairs………Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz


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