This is Why you should respond to 1921 Number immediately

If you are detected to have symptoms of the virus, you are checked. If the report depicts you’re positive, you along with your family and the area you reside in are put into quarantine. These individuals are checked too.

The government has been taking precautionary measures, the most it can,to control the spread of coronavirus among the dense 138 crore population of the country.

It has launched the Aarogya Setu app for the well-being and root level detection of the virus (if any), among other details. The government has been actively sharing information related to coronavirus.

If you Get a Call from 1921?

So you must be wondering the whole case behind this 4-digit number 1921.

The government of India has been using several digital platforms in the country’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In its latest move, the government has said that it will be conducting a telephonic survey on Covid-19. According to an official notification on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), citizens will get a call from the number 1921 on their mobile phones.

This will be carried out by the NIC and people are informed that it is a genuine survey. The notification also requests the people to “participate in good measure when a call comes in from 1921 to enable proper feedback of the prevalence and distribution of Covid symptoms.

Beware of Calls from any Number other than 1921

Alongside educating people about the intentions behind the Govt’s call from the number 1921, the MoHFW is also warning citizens that they should be aware of any other calls by pranksters or calls from any other number in guise of such similar survey aren’t genuine.

Only a call from 1921, as per the notification, will be an authentic survey related call.

The MoHFW has stressed on the importance of not giving out personal information to any other caller that may say that a survey is being carried out. The notification doesn’t mention when the survey will be carried out…Read more>>


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