Reliance Jio launches AI-based video platform JioInteract

Reliance Jio is just stepping into Artifical Intelligence group and has launched world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) based brand engagement platform – JioInteract.

JioInteract is an
AI-based platform which listens to users’ questions and responds accordingly. JioInteract has an auto-learning feature — it follows the principles of AI and machine learning — that helps improve the answering accuracy.


JioInteract, Live Video Call is where users can chat with celebrities and soon to add  video call centres, video catalogue, and virtual showrooms. It can be a tool for movie promotion as it is doing with its Live Video Call service.

Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in to detail how Jio Interact works. Live Video call will allow Jio and other smartphone subscribers………….Read More>>


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