Reliance Jio could bundle 5G with its own smartphones

Reliance Jio, India’s third largest telecom giant, is gearing up to make 5G – the future of mobile connectivity – mainstream.

The company, according to a report in Financial Chronicle, is working to introduce 5G services with its own set of 5G-ready smartphones.


And, most importantly, it plans to make it all happen by April 2020.

Jio to replicate 4G model for 5G services

Speaking to people familiar with Jio’s 5G plan, Financial Chronicle has learned that the telco plans to launch 5G services in conjunction with dedicated 5G devices.

This would be similar to the company’s 4G model, but in this case, 5G phones would be offered just when Jio’s 5G services launch in the country.

It would immediately tackle the availability problem of 5G-ready phones.

This would give Jio an edge over other players

In order to make the most of 5G services, Indians would need phones equipped with 5G modems – a problem Jio wants to solve.

Notably, the telco is already in talks with vendors to assemble 5G-ready devices, which would come at affordable prices.

This would give Jio an edge over other smartphone makers that are likely to offer 5G phones at higher prices.

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