Mysterious Motorola device leak hints at launch of 2016 Moto X

Motorola’s 2016 Moto X could bring flagship specifications and taste of pure Android to mid-range smartphone segment

Motorola is likely to working on a new smartphone, which seems to have been under wraps for sometime. A leaked image hints that the device could be 2016 Moto X. Motorola had last announced a Moto X series device in November and the company has moved to Z series for its future products. With the launch of Moto Z, there were rumours of Motorola killing the Moto X series but it seems the Moto X series could very well be alive. Moto X was earlier spotted on CCC certification website, which indicated Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB RAM. The display was indicated to be a 5.5-inch AMOLED one with shatterproof glass on top of it.

Last year, Motorola had launched three Moto X variants – Moto X Play, Moto X Style and Moto X Force. It is still very much unclear whether the company plans to refresh all the variants. Under Lenovo, Motorola has changed its product portfolio with multiple variants of a single series. While Moto X Play was all about endurance, Moto X Style offered mid-range flagship specifications. On the other hand, Moto X Force was all about its shatterproof glass display and specifications similar to X Style.


Motorola is already pushing modular smartphone as the next big innovation with the Z series. In an exclusive conversation with, Lenovo’s Ken Wong had said, “Market is moving from general purpose to scenario-based devices”. It is unclear whether next Moto X will be modular smartphone but it is very much likely. The leaked image posted by Twitter user Evan Blass hints at a design very similar to the current Moto G series. Motorola has always differentiated the Moto series based on premium feel and not design. The smartphones looked similar from the front and offered different specifications.

Motorola is also reportedly working on a smaller form factor device dubbed Moto M. The smartphone reportedly features a 4.6-inch display, MediaTek processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 16MP primary camera, 8MP selfie camera and Android Marshmallow. The rumours also indicated at Moto M featuring 3000mAh battery and a rear fingerprint scanner.

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Motorola has not achieved a great deal of success with its Moto X series in particular. The company has been able to offer decent specifications but the competition has been tough to crack. Under Lenovo, Motorola could change a lot of things and it would be worth watching whether Motorola makes a successful Moto X device.


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