Lenovo Z5s sample shots spotted

We have been waiting for a while now on the launch of Lenovo Z5s on December 18, and meanwhile the company’s VP Chang Cheng teased few images taken on the Z5s triple camera setup. The smartphone also packs the watermarks on the images indicating that it AI mode on.

Lenovo Z5s three stills were posted on the weibo among which a couple of them are shot on portrait mode. They are in full resolution where the primary camera is of 16MP (4608 x 3456)., and thus it was simpler to spot the excellent edge detection.


The key highlights of Lenovo Z5s seems to be featuring a punch hole screen, and a triple-camera setup with a fingerprint scanner to keep it company. Company VP Chang Cheng posted the image on Weibo, to save the date for a new announcement……Read More>>


Source:- gadgetgogi


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