Key Things To Know on Indian Railways Ticket Reservation

Indian Railways via IRCTC allows passengers to book and cancel tickets from offline reservation counters. The railway administration reserves seats, berths, compartments, or carriage in accordance with the rules and conditions published in the coaching tariff, said Indian Railways on its website –

Advance reservations are made generally up to 120 days in advance for all classes and all trains. The period of advance reservation (ARP) is exclusive of the day of departure of the train.


Here are key reservation rules of Indian Railways to know: 

1. An person can book only up to six tickets on one request form provided all passengers are for the same destination and for the same train, said Indian Railways.

2. Only one request form is accepted from a person at one time. However, if onward/return journey are involved, two or there forms can be accepted for the same passenger.

3. Passengers with confirmed reservation are allotted berths at the time of booking and the coach and berth numbers are indicated on the ticket itself………..Read More>>


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