JioLink Plans Start at Rs 699 and gives Up to 1076GB Data

Reliance Jio modified prepaid plans several times since its inception, there’s a section of plans which the company did not touch till date. We are talking about JioLink plans which are listed on the company’s website for more than three years. Continue reading to know more about JioLink and its plans in detail.

What is JioLink?

JioLink is a 4G LTE modem that improves the coverage in some areas. However, the JioLink is pretty different from the JioFi hotspot device. Notably, JioLink was provided to the employees of Reliance Industries before the commercial launch of Reliance Jio 4G services. As the service has been launched commercially, there’s no requirement of JioLink modem these days. Nevertheless, if you still have a JioLink lying around, you can recharge the plans detailed below.

JioLink Users Can Recharge 3 Plans Starting at Rs 699

Now moving onto the plans being offered to JioLink users, there are three of them priced at Rs 699 for one month, Rs 2,099 for three months and Rs 4,199 for six months.

The Rs 699 JioLink plan offers 156GB data spread across 5GB data per day for a period of 28 days. On top of the daily data, Reliance Jio is also providing 16GB extra data to make the overall data benefit reach 156GB. While users get access to Jio apps, they miss out on voice and SMS benefits…Read more>>


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