Jio-PUBG Lite Collaboration Brings Exclusive In-Game Rewards for Jio Subscribers

PUBG Lite beta testing is now live in India, bringing the battle royale game to a wider base of players who can now fight for chicken dinner on a low-end PC as well. Cashing in on the opportunity, Jio has partnered with PUBG Lite to offer exclusive rewards to players who happen to be Jio subscribers. The exclusive in-game rewards will be given to Jio subscribers in the form of codes, which can later be redeemed to win free skins. However, Jio has not specified for what in-game items the promised exclusive skins will be available in the wake of the collaboration.

The PUBG Lite beta servers went live in India earlier this month, and ever since then, PUBG Corp. has been doling out rewards as part of weekly challenges. Jio has now partnered with PUBG Lite to reward Jio subscribers who are fans of the battle royale game’s lite version that has been developed for PC’s with low-end hardware.


As for the exclusive PUBG Lite rewards for Jio subscribers, they are actually skins for ‘in-game merchandise’, which might turn out to be bags, helmets, and guns among other items. The rewards will be sent to players in the form of codes which can be redeemed in the game.

How to avail the exclusive Jio rewards in PUBG Lite? 

If you are a Jio subscriber and want to avail the promised exclusive Jio rewards in PUBG Lite, follow these steps:

  1. Visit this page and fill out details such as age, email address, and Jio mobile number.
  2. Verify the details submitted in the registration form after opening the link sent on the aforementioned email address.
  3. Complete the verification process to receive another email containing the codes that can be redeemed to get the exclusive rewards.
  4. Once the reward codes have been obtained, Jio subscribers will have to download the game from the official PUBG Lite website as well as the additional game files, programs, and drivers. (More details can be seen here)
  5. Once the game has been installed, head to the menu options and click on “Add Bonus / Gift Code”.
  6. Fill in the reward code received via email in the required field and tap on the ‘Redeem’ button to win the exclusive Jio subscriber skins.



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