InFocus Turbo 5 review: The India-friendly phone

InFocus Turbo 5 is a good combination of price and performance that appeals to an indian user.

Fifty years ago, Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan said famously “If it works, it’s obsolete” — and it is turning out to be only too true, in the smart phone arena. Technology changes so swiftly that handsets can seem, woefully outdated after just 3-4 years. It makes sense therefore, to spend sensibly — ie below Rs 10,000 — and get a phone that is up-to-date in hardware and software when you buy it. Turbo 5 from InFocus, an American company that has partnered with Foxconn for its smartphone range is a good example of an excellent value-for-money handset that works with the latest Android 7 OS, and lets you harness the fastest telecom service today: 4G VoLTE.

There are two versions one with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage (Rs 6,999) and another with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage ( Rs 7,999). Both can be expanded with a 32GB microSD card. But then, you can use only one of the two SIM slots. The screen is a 5.2-inch HD IPS and the cameras are a rear 13MB autofocus with flash and a 5MP wide aperture selfie camera.


The outstanding feature of Turbo 5 is its huge battery — 5000mAh which will easily keep going for two days on a full charge. In fact you can use it as a power bank! Yet the phone very handy weighing just 164g.

Also very useful, is the slate of India-specific pre oaded apps including the Xploree keyboard which you can adapt one of some 25 language and script choices. The finger print sensor also serves as a convenient button for the camera and as the switch for the torch…. all features which will appeal to an Indian user.

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