How to secure your account in case you have lost your phone?

Lost your phone / sim card? Here’s what you can do immediately when you realize your mobile is missing / stolen / lost

1. Get your SIM card blocked by contacting the telecom operator


2. Call on Paytm Payments Bank helpline ( 011–33996699) from any mobile number,

Select the option for lost phone

Select the option to enter a different number from which you are calling

Enter the lost mobile number and select the option to log out from all devices

Above two steps would ensure that you have logged out from all Paytm sessions and person who has possession of your lost SIM card cannot login back

3. After above two steps, we recommend you to temporarily block your account which would further safeguard your account. Please follow below stops for blocking your account:

(a) Go to 24×7 Help (you can raise a query without logging in)

(b) Select “Managing my Paytm Account”

(c) Select “ I am unable to access my Account”

(d) From the options, select “I need to block my account”

Then Submit the block request to us along with one proof of account ownership:—–>>Read More

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