Google Maps introduces Plus Codes, Add an Address and Smart Address Search

Search Giant Google has introduced new features to its Google Maps by which Indian users can easily navigate from place to other with the help of it. The navigation app gets 3 latest features by which users
can find the addresses much easier than earlier.

These features will save users’ time as they will not have to type those long addresses and will make sharing easier than before. The three features introduced are: Plus Codes, Add an Address and Smart Address Search. Plus Codes and Add and Address are released to give users near-precise locations.


Plus Codes – This feature turns long addresses into 10-digit alpha-numeric codes, making it easier for users to share. In the alphanumeric codes, the first four determine the area while adding more digits to it will zoom into the locality and will eventually give users a near-exact location. Plus codes can be generated from inside the Maps app and can be sent through any text messaging service. One can even paste it into the Google Search bar. This will open the Google Maps automatically with the particular address.

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