Flipkart The Big Freedom Sale from Aug 10 – More details on deals

India is all set to celebrate 72nd Independence Day and the ecommernce giant Flipkart has began its 72 Hours ‘The Big Freedom Sale’.

The Big Freedom Sale begins on August 10 and end on August 12. Flipkart is offering Blockbuster Deals, Price Crash Sale, Rush Hour Sale, The Freedom Countdown and One Deal Every Hour at various times during the day. In the Freedom Sale, massive discounts of up to 70 % on TVs and other home appliances, 80 % discount on electronic gadgets and accessories from brands like Apple, Dell and Google. Fashion products, apparels, footwear and other accessories, customers will be getting a discount ranging from 40 % to 80 %.


BlockBuster Deals: During this event, a list of products will begetting massive price-cuts. Also, the list of products will be refreshed or shuffled with new ones every 8 hours.

Rush Hour Deals: This event will start a midnight and end at 2 am, during which Flipkart will be offering ‘Revolutionary Deals’.

One Deal Every Hour: In this event, every one hour, Flipkart will be posting a deal. In total, there will be 24 deals in a day.

Freedom Countdown: This event will last for 31 minutes, which starts from 7:47 pm to 8:18 pm for all the three days giving price drops on various products………Read More>>



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