Fitbit Charge 2 review: The band to conquer stress

FitBit is here with the Charge 2 that offers more than its predecessor in terms of features.

Our unhealthy lifestyles are leading us to switch to healthy lives eventually. And these days gadgets and the entire concept of quantifiable self are driving people to achieve their fitness goals and rollback the effects of a sinfully sedentary lifestyle.

Smartbands and watches are good aids in leading a fitter life and help you achieve goals and stay motivated. The FitBit Charge HR raked up quite a fan following because it could track not just steps, but also heart rate. A year on, FitBit is here with the Charge 2 that offers more than its predecessor in terms of features.


Fitbit Charge 2
Rs 14,999

The Fitbit Charge 2 is not larger than the Charge HR, but it has a much bigger display which means it can offer much more. It also tries to fix one of the biggest complaints with the earlier version, the band; by offering one that can be changed easily. Tapping on the display let’s you cycle through the multiple functions and parameters. The app, which is a crucial part of any fitness device, is also much improved now.

What is Good?

The FitBit Charge 2 has a functional design which will keep it going whatever you do. While the band itself is prone to wear and tear in the long run especially in climes like ours, it can now be easily replaced.

What I really like about the Charge 2 is the fact that it tracks heart-rate in real-time and gives you a good idea about stress levels. Using the app you can monitor how your beats per minute (bpm) is coping with the rigours of your professional and personal life. The results can be interesting and will help you make amends.

Another new feature is one that tries to improve your mindfulness. So there is a breathing coach that can be switched on with a tap. I found it a good way to relax and de-stress within a couple of minutes in the middle of a busy work day.

The band also gives your regular personalised alerts to stand up and clock a few steps if you have been sitting or been idle for too long. The notifications and alerts are now richer using the extra screen space on the band. Plus, it is now intelligent enough to recognise what you are doing thanks to the real-time heartbeat readings extrapolated to the data from the millions of bands Fitbit has live across the world.

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