Engineless Train18 Runs At 180 Kmph, Becomes India’s Fastest Train

Train18 is India’s first engine-less train, fully manufactured in India. As we reported earlier, its test runs were planned since last one month, and now, exciting details are coming in.

During its recent test run between Kota Junction and Kurlasi station,Train18 crossed the crucial 180 km/hr mark, and stunned everyone.


As per experts, the train can easily cruise past 200 km/hr speed as well, considering it gets favorable tracks. Railway Minister Piyush Goel shared the water bottle test of Train18 during the same test run at Kota-Sawai Madhopur section.

Train18 navigated curves and bends during the 113 km stretch from Kota to Kurlasi – three major tests at one degree curve at 150 kmph, and two degree curve at 140 and 150 kmph were successful.

During its earlier test run at Kota, Train18 had crossed 130 km/hr speed, and then during its test run at Moradabad, this train breached 160 km/hr speed……Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz


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