Check your SBI account balance, mini statement through SMS banking. Here’s how

In order to make banking easier of the customer, the State Bank of India (SBI) offers missed call banking, SMS banking along with net banking service. SBI customers can check their account balance, mini statement through numerous methods. SBI Balance Enquiry and mini statement can be accessed through mobile banking, net banking, ATM, branch visit, SMS banking (SBI Quick), etc.

SBI SMS Banking:


SBI SMS Banking is one of the quickest option that an SBI customer can think of for checking SBI account balance or SBI account mini statement. Note that State Bank of India SMS Banking service is available on all phones. You can send keywords as SMS to 9223440000. Ordinary SMS charges are applicable.

SBI SMS Banking Registration Process:

  • Send SMS <MBSREG> to 9223440000. User ID and default MPIN will be sent as response to the above SMS. Change the default MPIN by sending the following SMS to 9223440000: <Smpin> <UserId> <Old Mpin (or default MPIN)> <New Mpin>. Accept the Terms and Conditions by sending the following SMS to 9223440000: <Saccept> <UserId> <Mpin>
  • Register at ATM: At the ATM, swipe the Debit Card, select Mobile Registration > Mobile Banking > Registration > enter your mobile number and confirm
  • Internet Banking: Log into OnlineSBI, select eServices > State Bank Freedom from the list on the left side > Registration > Enter User ID and mobile number > Select the account (only SB/ CA) to be enabled > submit. For adding more accounts, visit the Home branch of the primary account or other accounts.
  • At the Branch: Visit the Home Branch of your account.

Functionalities: SBI SMS Banking can be used for:

  1. Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry / Mini Statement)
  2. Prepaid Mobile / MobiCash Wallet Top-up
  3. DTH Recharge
  4. IMPS Fund transfer – (Mobile number & MMID and Account Number & IFS Code)
  5. Change MPIN
  6. IMPS Merchant payments

SMS Banking rules:

All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in the P segment and Current account holders in the SME segment are eligible.

Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs 5,000 with a calendar month limit of Rs 25,000.

Transaction charges upto Rs 1,000 is NIL and from Rs 1,001 to Rs 5,000 is Rs 5 per transaction + tax.

Service available overall telecom service providers.

The Service is free of charge. SMS cost will be borne by the customer.

As a precaution, customers are requested to delete all the messages sent to the number 9223440000, once the response for their request has been received…Read more>>



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