Best Android apps for 2018 – Here are the details

Google has released its annual Google Play Award list, which names the top Android apps and games as chosen by the company’s employees. The winners come from nine different categories with all of them boasting of apps that are claimed to offer users unique experience. These apps, according to the search giant, also excel in terms of quality, design and technical performance.
2018 Google Play award winners :-
1. Flipkart :- Flipkart has been named the winner in ‘Standout Build for Billions Experience’ category. These are apps or games with optimized performance, localization and culturalization for emerging markets.
2. Simple Habit :- Simple Habit Inc wins the title of best ‘standout well-being’ app. This category, according to Google, includes apps that empower people to live the best version of their lives, while demonstrating responsible design and engagement strategies.
3. Be My Eyes :- Be My Eyes gets the top honours for offering best accessibility experience. The apps/games in this category enable device interaction that serves people with disabilities or special needs.
4. Old Man’s Journey :- Old Man’s Journey has been named as the best Standout Indie app. The category has games from indie developers that focus on artistic design, gameplay mechanics and overall polish……Read More>>
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