Airtel vs Reliance Jio vs Vodafone vs Idea: A look at the top recharge packs with 84 GB data

Airtel has announced a Rs 399 plan for users with 84GB data validity, according to reports. Previously the company had been offering plans with 70 day validity at the same recharge price. We compare Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea Cellular’s best data packs.

Airtel has a new Rs 399 plan for users with 84GB data validity. Previously the company had been offering plans with 70 day validity at the same recharge price. Thanks to Reliance Jio’s Rs 399 plan, which also offers 84 day validity and 1GB data per day, which effectively comes to 84GB data for the entire recharge period, we’ve seen rivals improve their prepaid recharge offerings. Here’s a look at 84 GB data plans from the top players.


Airtel Rs 399 plan with 84GB data

According to reports, Airtel’s Rs 399 plan has a validity of 84 days and offers 1 GB data per day along with unlimited local and STD calls. Airtel had a similar offering for new 4G handset users with 70 days validity, and this is still listed as one of the plans under Airtl’s terms and conditions page. The Rs 399 plan with 70 day validity also offered the same terms and conditions, meaning 1 GB data per day and unlimited calls.

Airtel’s catch is the plan will only be offered to 4G SIM and smartphone users. A user will see this recharge on the online website for Airtel and depending on their circle.

Airtel has a separate plan for 84GB data as well. The Rs 293 plan has an 84 day validity with unlimited local, STD calls for Airtel to Airtel, and 1 GB data per day. Finally, there’s a Rs 449 with 84 days validity, and unlimited local and STD calls and yes, 1GB daily data.  Remember if you use more than 1GB of data daily, the speed will be reduced though Airtel’s terms and conditions don’t specify what the new speed will be. The data allowance is reset daily.

For those looking to get the best recharges from Airtel with maximum validity, it is best to get a recharge online and see which offers are being provided on your mobile number. Also there’s no carry over for this data that is not used.

Reliance Jio Rs 399 plan with 84GB data

Reliance Jio has a prepaid plan at Rs 399, which comes with an 84 day validity. The plan give 1GB data daily, though crossing the FUP will see the limit being reset to 128Kbps. Also all calls are free on this plan, and this includes local and STD calls as well as calls made on roaming, etc.

Jio has also increased the validity of the Rs 309 and Rs 349 plans to 56 days with all voice calls being free. Rs 309 plan has 1GB data per day, while the Rs 349 plan has 20 GB data in total. If a user exhausts the data limits, the speed is reset to 128 Kbps.

Vodafone’s 84 day recharge

Vodafone is offering a recharge at Rs 445 for students, which comes with 84 days of validity, along with discounts for  Ola, Zomato, etc. The first recharge in this plan is priced Rs 445, while all recharges done after this will cost Rs 352.

The plan has 84 days validity and 1GB daily data, which comes to 84 GB of data. Voice calls and free SMS  are also included in this pack, so users don’t have to get a separate talk time recharge.  The telecom player also has First Recharge Coupon (FRC) plan at Rs 244 which gives 70 GB data for customers. It comes with 1GB data per day, unlimited local and STD calls within Vodafone network. The second recharge in this plan has a 35 day validity.

Idea Cellular 84GB data pack

Idea Cellular has an 84 day validity pack, though this is only for first time recharge users. The plan is priced at Rs 453, and comes with unlimited local and national calls, and 1 GB 3G data per day, and the speed is reduced to 80kbps after the FUP is used. The problem is that in the Delhi NCR region this plan is limited to 3G, and not 4G data speeds. There’s also a cheaper Rs 297 plan with unlimited Idea to Idea local and national calling, along with 1 GB daily data.

In Mumbai circle, there’s a Rs 395 plan with 84 days validity, and unlimited local and STD calls along with 1GB daily data for 4G smartphone users. For non-4G users, the validity is reduced to 28 days.

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