A Back-to-Basics Guide to India’s New Traffic Rule

Indian roads are among the most notorious in the world as it claims over 1.5 lakh lives each year and most of it is due to people’s lack of traffic sense. The central government previously failed to take the necessary steps however it has decided to crackdown on traffic offenses right now. This, they are doing by making the law and its subsequent punishment a lot more stricter.

To take care of the same, the government tabled the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 which was also been approved by the cabinet recently bringing the law into effect. This road safety bill has outlined punishments and penalties for all sorts of traffic violations. The bill is based on recommendations submitted by transport ministers of 18 Indian states.


Below is a tabular column that lists out the violation, current fine amount, and previous fine amount for two wheelers:

Traffic Violation & Fine Amount in India in 2018

Violation New fine amount Previous fine amount
Overloading Two-wheelers Rs. 2000; License scrapping for three months Rs. 100
Drunken Driving Rs. 10,000 Rs. 2,000
Overspeeding Rs. 1,000 for LMV; Rs. 2,000 for MMV Rs. 400
Dangerous Driving Rs. 5,000 Rs. 1,000
Driving Without Car or Two Wheeler Insurance Rs. 2,000 Rs. 100
Signal Jumping Rs. 1000; License scrapping for three months Rs. 100
Riding Without Helmet Rs. 1000; License scrapping for three months Rs. 100
Driving Without Permit Up to Rs. 10,000 Up to Rs. 5,000

Traffic Rulebook for Two Wheeler Riders:
Here is a rulebook that comes in handy for all two-wheeler riders around the country:

Wear Helmets at all Time:
Irrespective of where you are riding: whether it is on a highway, city, or an inroad near where you live, always make sure to wear a helmet. This doesn’t just save you from getting a fine but will also save your head from sustaining any major injuries. If you are riding with a pillion, make sure they wear their helmet too.

Use Your Indicators:
Indicators of late have become more of a novelty piece on vehicles as people refuse to use them when taking any turns. To be on the safer side, always use the indicators and make sure to move into the lane towards where your turn is.

Do not Take more than a Pillion:
People taking more than one pillion on their two-wheelers is a common sight in most Indian cities and towns. What the riders don’t realise is, by doing so they are risking their and their pillions’ life. This is why you should always stick to riding with just one pillion……Read More>>

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